We keep a curated list here for the tools we use when building environments whether it’s for our inhouse development or for specific customer requests. Keep in mind however that the tools we use is not limited to this list.

Traditional Microsoft Windows environments running on VMWare are a bit different then running some containers on a Kubernetes stack in AWS

Another thing is, these are just some common tools used for our infrastructure and platform management. When running actively used applications you’ll most likely end up needing supporting tools like service discovery, loadbalancers, API managers etc. We won’t list them here as this should be a solution based on your specific needs. For example running Consul service discovery might be handy for your API’s but might be a PITA when relying on Kafka for your pub/sub, sticking to Zookeeper might be much more efficient in that case.

1. Infrastructure as Code:

  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Cloudformation
  • BASH scripts :)

2. Monitoring:

  • Sensu
  • Icinga2
  • Elastic
  • Datadog
  • Pagerduty
  • Google ML

3. Clouds:

  • Amazon EC2
  • Google GCE
  • Google GKE
  • Microsoft Azure

4. Hosted platforms:

  • Multitenant Mesosphere DCOS
  • Private tenant Mesosphere DCOS
  • Multitenant Kubernetes
  • Microsoft Service Fabric (evaluating)

5. Languages:

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Powershell

6. Task / Job Scheduling:

  • Rundeck
  • Jenkins

7. Code repositories:

  • gitlab + CI
  • Microsoft TFS
  • TeamCity